Tapas with a special shout out to Karen’s spinach and artichoke dip with a Norwegian etiquette lesson from Are. Thanks to Skikk og Bruk, second edition I now know to sip with dry lips to avoid stains on the edge of your wineglass.

Work bonding retreat to Edinburgh - Whisky, a ghost tour, political action before the referendum, green/grey/brown landscape, an HP pilgrimage, two visits to Brewdog, and the view of the city from Arthur’s Seat at first light.

I put myself out there by speaking Norwegian for three days, with coworkers I don’t normally talk to, and got to know them better and saw them in a new way (like on the dance floor!). We have good stories to look back on. I know even more now that I have to carve out a place for my specialty here, because the company is new to green building consultancy. It is scary to take so much initiative, but I love this workplace so far and I want to stay (I have a six month trial period). 


Notes from climbing yesterday

Now that I have a harness and shoes, and entrance card I get through work, I can climb at Klatreverket weekly. 

  • Last week after bouldering I couldn’t close my hand into a fist I was so sore. This week I can type and make a fist, no problem.
  • I can give up more easily bouldering. With the wall, if I overuse my arms at the beginning, I will pay for it via exhaustion near the end.
  • I can rest more on the wall, letting myself lean back and reassess my route.
  • I love cracks.
  • Climbing is a great way to get to know my coworkers, and to catch up with non-work friends.
  • It was incredibly satisfying completing a hard route that emulates an outdoor wall (I had to rest about four times and almost gave up).

Dinner with friends + climbing with friends = a great, social night.


Goals #4

  1. Eat dinner with friends - Choosing the on-the-go lifestyle so that I can attend events and seminars means many dinners for one. I miss the social aspect of dinnertime. I am meeting two friends tonight to try Dosa in Grønland, and on Friday my roommates and I are having dinner before a dance party in the library.  
  2. Do my homework for a solar energy courses! It is week two and I once again have trouble with independent study. 
  3. Fill up my water bottle - I have noticed how little water I am drinking. Instead of partially filling my water bottle, fill that baby up and aim to finish it.
  4. Prioritize - I am guilty of Sign #1 in this article. I think every task is important. 

Memories to cherish from this weekend:

Saw Jens run his 10k in sunny weather in Trondheim, and made a sign that is a play on words of, “Come on!” in Norwegian. He was beaten by a famous Norwegian skier who broke his ski pole by 30 seconds. 

Ate a delicious burger at Sot with Jens’s PhD friends and I tried my first sour beer. I like using the app Untappd as a beer tasting diary. I like dark, malty beers and I don’t like hoppy beer (Sierra Nevada is not for me).

Fishing in the Trondheimsfjord with Erik (a former commercial fisherman) and Samantha. Great friends and great discussions.

Jens cooking spaghetti marinera that satisfied my craving perfectly (we trekked to a Sunday-open store to get sauce ingredients).

Notes from the field

Today I saw the innards of a hotel.

I heard the whirring of the air conditioners, saw stacks of unused lamps and TVs, carts of laundry and empty bottles, outdated ice makers and broken coffee machines. I inspected pipes with a plumber and an experienced ventilation engineer at work. I had little insight into what they discussed, but I was there just to observe and seeing energy management in practice was invigorating.

I am proud of how much Norwegian I have learned so far, and the technical stuff is the next challenge.

I am going to study the HVAC English-Norwegian dictionary now.


Goals for the week #3

1. Take initiative - get a plan for energy and environment in buildings and work on promotional material. Being vocal after just a month at my job is terrifying but it is needed.

2. Learn - Attend two online courses about solar energy (edx and Coursera)

3. Play - practice golf or finally hit the climbing gym? I will decide tomorrow

4. Friends - In Trondheim this weekend catch up with my classmates, don’t just spend the whole time with Jens, even though you miss him.

"The highest and most beautiful things in life are not to be heard about, nor read about, nor seen but, if one will, are to be lived."
- Søren Kierkegaard (via itsquoted)


Last night my mom arrived and we tried Bon Lío, my now favorite Spanish tapas/pintxos gastropub. I ate duck heart among other things!!

Wednesday’s Nerd Nite featured a mechanical engineer from San Diego who built PancakeBot.

I love my mom and engineering.